vrijdag 27 februari 2009

ACF 15th Challenge.Hanger.

Dit is mijn bijdrage.

26 opmerkingen:

Louise (KardKrazy) zei

After clicking on your piece to see it up close, it's even more amazing. So much fabulous detail here! This is really a splendid piece of work.

Femmy zei

schitterend Wil!!

Suse zei

I just love this and all the little details are fabulous!

indybev zei

How delicate and beautifully done! You've featured her so well in this piece. Excellent work!

Lidy zei

Heel mooi. Ik vind het zo'n zielig vrouwtje dat er eigenlijk niets van bij kan denken.

Ingrid zei

einmalig schön!

Yvonne zei

This is amazing!

Faye zei

What an absolutely gorgeous wall hanging, Wil. I enlarged it and see that you have some amazing bits and pieces attached to this. Beautifully done.

Jan zei

Beautiful detail - lovely hanger

Rein zei

Een prachtige hanger Wil!

Char zei

This is fabulous. Wonderful piece.

ute zei

the grandma is so wonderful,
so amazing, "kicher" in german ;-))

Ozstuff zei

Hi Wil! I hope everyone takes the time to click on the enlarge button because your beautiful hanger looks so wonderful in full size, right down to the fibres of string holding the hanger. Great work. I love it.

Willy zei

Schitterend, Wil!

Isabelle Norris zei

Fantastic work !!

Nessa Vardamir zei


Hermine zei


Karina Beck zei

Beautiful work!

LynnF zei

Wil - there aren't words...this is one of the best pieces...all those great details are just so right! Bravo Bravo!! Lynn F.

Anne's Cards zei

Prachtige combinatie en wat een leuke foto!!

Virginia zei

Wil this is stunning..Beautiful work..

José zei

Wat mooi!! Ik heb erop geklikt en alle details bekeken en het is schitterend!

Sally zei

Beautiful - so delicate!

Annes Art zei

Schitterende hanger Wil!!

~*~Patty S zei

Brilliant hanger, so many lovely details. Great string too, Love the staples!

Janny zei

Deze is echt schitterend!!