maandag 29 september 2008

mixed media monday new./ harmony.

Dit is vandaag mijn bijdrage.

24 opmerkingen:

Heather Robinson zei

Oh there is such wonderful harmony in this piece. Love the use of turquoise. Having this artwork hanging anywhere would be a pleasure.

Moni zei

Fantastische Details und ein zauberhaftes Werk. Wowwww!!!

Ed zei

Beautiful, stunning and very it !

Stempelchaotin zei

Wow this is really wonderful.

WendyK zei

This is gorgeous

Anni's Art zei

Wow - this is a wonderful piece of artwork, love the little things hanging under it.

Femmy zei

prachtig Wil!! vind de kleuren ook zo mooi!!

Diana Evans zei

this piece is lovely!!!

Anoniem zei

Schitterend geheel Wil.

Char zei

Lovely piece. So much to see. Girl is fab. zei

Wil, weer helemaal fantastisch joh. Echt erg mooi!!!

Sandie R zei

This is a wonderful art piece and I love the Turquoise colour you
have added.

I took a stroll through your blog and you have many more wonderful pieces on display. To many to comment on each. Wonderful work.

Karina zei

wauw this is art.

Chriss Rollins zei

this is a very special piece and wonderful little old gold trinkets, yhe image and birds are sooo pretty
chriss x

Evidence of an Artistic Life zei

This is so gorgeous!

Viola zei

Great work, Wil!

Moira zei

Stunning piece Wil, really lovely and it fits the theme so well

Anoniem zei

Absolutely beautiful, Wil! Diane

aino zei

Nice work.

Astrid Maclean zei

What a fantastic piece, LOVE it!

Karen Mowrey zei

Wonderful piece. I am realy loving all of your artwork. Such an inspiration, thank you!

Yitte zei

Wat een prachtig werk!!!

Barbara Hagerty zei

This is so lovely! What a gorgeous piece, and perfectly descriptive of harmony!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz zei

Wil! This piece is stunning = brilliant and SO beautiful!!!