zondag 9 november 2008

dansmamaisonilya - woord.

Dit is mijn bijdrage.

7 opmerkingen:

~*~Patty Szymkowicz zei

Wonderful colors and textures in your house Wil, and what a cutie with those spectacles!!!

Anne, Bulles dorées zei

stunning house !!!!! Thank you very much for your participation !!

Heather Robinson zei

What lovely colours you've included in the background. This piece and the gothic arch just demonstrate your talent for collage. You combine elements so beautifully.

MizSmoochieLips zei

I really love your house! I've been enjoying seeing everyones :)

Netti zei

This is lovely, Wil!

Glycérine zei

Very beautiful house :)



lunaplume-d-oiseau.overblog.com zei

ooooh very beautiful !