vrijdag 17 juli 2009

ACF 35th Challenge.

Dit is mijn bijdrage.

18 opmerkingen:

Femmy zei

prachtig Wil!!
fijn weekend!

Marilyn Rock zei

Beautiful Wil. This is so soft and lovely! This might be duplicate comment; I'm not sure my first one went through. Sorry. But; I love this piece!

Rein zei

Prachtig kaartje Wil!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

So beautiful....what a great canvas. Love the floral addition.

Faye zei

Beautiful, Wil. Love the flowers.

indybev zei

I love this treatment of the image. Good work with the image.

Anoniem zei

Prachtig Wil

Elizabeth Golden zei

This is really nice, love the orchid, I would love to go butterfly hunting here.

Amy zei

Wow, so beautiful..I like everything about your creation. She is darling..nice greens and such a pretty flower

Ozstuff zei

Wil, this is so beautiful - perfect in every way. The flowers are gorgeous!

Char zei

I love what you did with the cutie. Fantastic job.

Anoniem zei

hi... just dropping by!

SuviAnniina zei

This card is so lovely :-)

stamp and scrape zei

Lovely work, Wil.

Anne's Cards zei

Mooi wat je afgelopen dagen allemaal weer hebt gemaakt !!

Viola zei

So beautiful, Wil!

Alexandra Knittel zei

Fantastic work

jasminduft zei

Gorgeous work! I love the colour combination!