vrijdag 26 maart 2010

ACF67th challenges.

Dit is mijn bijdrage voor deze week.

24 opmerkingen:

Femmy zei

weer een prachtige kaart Wil!!!

Karina zei

You get a WOW from me ; )
Have a great weekend.

Hermine zei

Hij is weer schitterend Wil, wat heb je toch een mooie stijl

Sandy zei

Absolutely brilliant.
Love the image. Great work.

Judy zei

Another special vintage creation, Wil!

Ellen zei

schitterend Wil , prachtig met die verschillende textures

Yvonne zei

Love this vintage piece, Wil! Is the fibre around the picture like a thin cheesecloth?

Shelle zei

so beautiful and very classic

Lori zei


Petite Paperie zei

This is such a beautiful background to work with! Love your image!

http://truutske.blogspot.com/ zei

Prachtige kaart, Wil

Rein zei

Prachtige creatie Wil!

peggy gatto zei

Once again your attention to details is flawless!!
Your perfection is what always seems to put your art "over the top"!

Faye zei

So beautiful, Wil.

Rhonda zei

Doesn't this make a beautiful frame?! Lovely piece, as always, Wil! Cheers!

Lucy zei

This is fantastic, I love the rustic, vintage looke!

Samantha Marshall zei

Such a beautiful piece.

gaby braun zei

Love it!

Yvonne zei

Prachtig, een paaskaart in vintagestijl!

Marilyn Rock zei

This is so beautiful Wil! Love your touches! xxoo

Ozstuff zei

Wil, as always your most beautiful artwork blows me away! I love everything about this - the framing and the gorgeous vintage image. Great work.

caramelle zei

it's fantastic: bravo your vintage creation is wonderful

Melanie Morales zei

Nice work and great use of the background ; )! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


heather zei

Wow. Such rich textures. I feel I could reach out and touch this. Lovely composition too