dinsdag 21 oktober 2008

crazyamigochallenge/ .quote-stamp.

Dit is weer mijn bijdrage.

15 opmerkingen:

Kreativgeschwafel zei

really fantastic and the saying is wonderful!

Faye zei

So precious, Wil. Love your quote.

Heather Robinson zei

What a wonderful saying and a beautifully composed card with the two young sweethearts. Beautiful use of the flower in front to hide them ever so slightly.

Audrey zei

Prachtig en wat een geweldige quote!

http://truutske.punt.nl zei

Wat een geweldige quote en wat een heerlijk "paartje".
Mooie kaart Wil.!!!

Karina zei

What a shame. I can not mail you either.. I would love to trade with you!!

Kelly zei


Evidence of an Artistic Life zei

This is darling! I love the beautiful background and that quote is fantastic!
chris p

Char zei

Wonderful. Cute kids and great quote.

Gayle Page-Robak zei

What a beautiful quote...so nice!

Fiona Whitehead zei

Beautiful card - love the sentiment.

Anke zei

So wonderful Wil !!!

Silvia zei

How lovely, looks fab.

Moni zei

Wowwwww, zauberhaft!!

Dreamer zei

This is beautiful!!