zondag 12 oktober 2008

gothic arch / haute couture.

Dit is mijn bijdrage.

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Stempelchaotin zei

Oh what a lovely arch.
So great design. Gorgeous.

Anoniem zei

Prachtige arch.

Kris Dickinson zei

Beautiful! I love to look at all the lovely elements!

Heather Robinson zei

Oh, this just reminds me of playing dress up with my Mom's clothes....sometimes when she wasn't home!! I always felt so glamorous and grown-up....like this little girl does too! Wonderful arch, Wil.

Karina zei

Beautiful, with lovely details.

christine zei

Pracht arch .

Ginger zei

That is the cutest arch she so cute love your arch very clever!

Femmy zei

super Wil!!!

Moira zei

Gorgeous arch, I love the buttons and pin and sewing connections, really great

Lynifyni zei

How lovely! The details make it work so well! Lynn F.

Kreativgeschwafel zei

dit is een schitterende arch!

Ed zei

Oh Wil, this is so pretty. I love your stitching and the lace and the buttons and pin - I just love everything about it :-)

Judy zei

Lovely, Wil, love all the details and background!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Your arch is so beautiful, Will...love the image, gorgeous.

Dreamer zei

This is gorgeous. I love the colours and use of fabric. so many lovely details.

Audrey zei


http://truutske.punt.nl zei

Heel elegant Wil.

Kathy zei

Very nice, I love the pin...lol

Astrid Maclean zei

Gorgeous Wil, she is beautiful, such a pretty arch!

Anneke zei

prachtige arch wil met echte haute coiture

Virginia zei

Gorgeous arch..

Viv's Visuals zei


Mary-Beth zei

Wow, gorgeous!!! Beautiful details and I love the lace!

Anne's Cards zei

Prachtige details en kleuren!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz zei

Oh, this is SO excellent in every way Wil!

Viola zei

Great arch, Wil!

RubyMay zei

what a wonderful arch Wil...I just love it x

purplepaint zei

This is wonderful!!!!!!! I love it!

stamp and scrape zei

Gorgeous vintage feel to this arch, Wil.

Sandrine zei

So precious!! I LOVE THIS LOOK!! Great job!

Sandrine zei

So precious! I love this style!!

Anoniem zei

OMG, this is lovely! Love the color and images! I like the buttons...I need to add a couple to mine.