vrijdag 23 januari 2009

ACF10th gallenge.

Dit is mijn bijdrage.

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José zei

Wat mooi Wil! Kant, bloemetjes: heel romantisch.

Cassu zei

Hi! Wonderful card. So many different goodies in it. -Carita-

Femmy zei

schitterend Wil!!

Anoniem zei


Redmama67 zei

deine Karte ist sehr romantisch!!!

Jamie zei

Wil, this is beautiful! I love all the delicate stiches on the flowers. I have always wanted to work with fabric, but I haven't been brave enough yet. I can't sew a stitch! Love, Jamie

indybev zei

What a soft, gentle, pastel setting for Sweet Maude! Kudos to you!

Karina zei

Very beautiful.

Kris Dickinson zei

So beautiful and elegant Wil~!

Ariane zei

It's gorgeous!!! So many little details and the fit together so perfectly. Beautiful!

Jacqueline zei

This is very soft and beautiful - you have given her a gorgeous frame!

Faye zei

Wil, this is gorgeous. She has such an elegant look amidst the flowers and framing.

Flipsi zei

Wow, fantastic - a wonderful Card.

Willy zei

Schitterend, Wil!

Char zei

Stunning. You have the best supply of fabric and lace. I really love this.

Stacy zei

This is STUNNING! I just want to run my finger over all the fabulous tactile elements! Really over the top!

Angelina zei


Angelina zei


elisa zei

Oh Wil wat Prachtig!!

stamp and scrape zei

This is a beautiful work of art - the frame is stunning.

Virginia zei

Wil this is just gorgeous!!

My name is CINDY...... zei

Soo pretty!

Janny zei


Sue zei

Will this is beautiful - I can't believe how much work must have gone into creating this xx

Viola zei

Great artwork, Wil! Love it!! :o)

KardKrazy zei

I am speachless, Wil! This is just breathtaking. Gorgeous, gorgeous piece!

Evidence of an Artistic Life zei

This is beautiful!! Well done!!
chris p

Gunn-Hege zei

You make so much lovely stuff!!!!

This piece was so delicate and romantic!!! Love it!!