donderdag 29 januari 2009

themethursday / 4x4..
Dit is mijn bijdrage.

20 opmerkingen:

Ozstuff zei

I love your 4 x 4, Wil, especially the birds!

Virginia zei

WOW!! Wil this is stunning..I love this..

Saila zei

Very beautiful!

José zei

Ziet er mooi uit. Mooi ook die grijs, zwart tinten.

Claudette zei

I love the boarder you created around this piece and the idea of touch of color only....really nicely done

indybev zei

This is so interesting to study! I love the background and the use of birds with the lovely image. Good work. (By the way, the darkside bird entry is a winner too!)

Marina zei

Schitterende vogel 4 x 4 Wil, een plaatje om naar te kijken.

Stempelfrosch zei

Wow, wonderful bird 4x4 ! Love the nearly black and white touch! Great stamps!
LG Anke

Buffy zei

Love it. Beautiful collage. Love the black and white.

Taluula zei

Oh this is beautiful.

Sarah zei

Very much to see!

Anoniem zei

Schitterend weer

Myriame zei

Schitterende 4x4, prachtige combinatie

Robin zei

Love your 4x4! Really like the collage and the birds!

Char zei

This is fabulous. Love the background.

KardKrazy zei

Such a wonderful 4x4!

Jendy zei

This is gorgeous! The black and white is stunning.

Faye zei

Your 4x4 is beautiful, Wil. I love the trees (stamps?) and the birds. Very nice.

Anoniem zei

beautiful 4x4!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz zei

Great looking 4x4 Wil Love the sweet girl and the birds!!!